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Danny Jansen came into season as the number 3 prospect on our top 40 prospect list. I wrote:

Behind the plate, he looked ok to me. Most scouts seem to think he’ll be more or less average. With his bat, average will work. In Toronto teams ran on him quite a bit. He had 28 steals against with the Blue Jays, only throwing out 5 (15%). In Buffalo he threw out 23.1% of base stealers.

Pat Borders Toronto Blue Jays Jersey

There is some concern about his ability to stay healthy. He’s had a string of injuries, in the minors, but then find a catcher who hasn’t have some injuries in the minors. It kind of comes with the position. The catcher position has changed over the past few years. Not many catch the 140+ games that catchers would back a few years ago. It seems like starting catchers tend to get into the 110-120 games and leave the rest to the backup. Jansen hasn’t caught 120 in any season so far, so he’ll have to prove is durability.

PECOTA sees him hitting .237/.333/.412 with 14 home runs in 409 PA. I’d like to take the over on the batting line.

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PECOTA was overly optimistic about his bat, but then the concerns about his glove were over stated too. He was a finalist for the Gold Glove and was near the top of the league in pitch framing stats. And he stayed healthy all season.

It has been a long time since we’ve had a home grown catcher stick with the team. You really have to go back to Pat Borders to find one who had a good career with the Jays.

Standard Batting
107 384 41 72 12 1 13 43 0 1 31 79 .207 .279 .360 .640 70 8 4
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Baseball Reference has him at a 1.0 WAR. Fangraphs 1.4 WAR giving him a value of $11.1 million to the Jays.

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He had a .275 wOBA anda 68 wRC+.

Danny’s walk rate was 8.1% (team average: 8.4%) and strikeout rate was 20.6% (team average: 24.9%).

List of Most Valuable Player winners from Major League Baseball’s World Series. 2019 – Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals) 2018 – Steve Pearce (Boston Red Sox) 2017 – George Springer (Houston Astros) 2016 – Ben Zobrist (Chicago Cubs) 2015 – Salvador Perez (Kansas City Royals) 2014 – Madison Bumgarner (San Francisco Giants) 2013 – David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) 2012 – Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants) 2011 – David Freese (St. Louis Cardinals) 2010 – Edgar Renteria (San Francisco Giants) 2009 – Hideki Matsui (New York Yankees) 2008 – Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies) 2007 – Mike Lowell (Boston Red Sox) 2006 – David Eckstein (St. Louis Cardinals) 2005 – Jermaine Dye (Chicago White Sox) 2004 – Manny Ramirez (Boston Red Sox) 2003 – Josh Beckett (Florida Marlins) 2002 – Troy Glaus (Anaheim Angels) 2001 – Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling (Arizona Diamondbacks) 2000 – Derek Jeter (New York Yankees) 1999 – Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees) 1998 – Scott Brosius (New York Yankees) 1997 – Livan Hernandez (Florida Marlins) 1996 – John Wetteland (New York Yankees) 1995 – Tom Glavine (Atlanta Braves) 1994 – World Series not held due to players strike 1993 – Paul Molitor (Toronto Blue Jays) 1992 – Pat Borders (Toronto Blue Jays) 1991 – Jack Morris (Minnesota Twins) 1990 – Jose Rijo (Cincinnati Reds) 1989 – Dave Stewart (Oakland Athletics) 1988 – Orel Hershiser (Los Angeles Dodgers) 1987 – Frank Viola (Minnesota Twins) 1986 – Ray Knight (New York Mets) 1985 – Bret Saberhagen (Kansas City Royals) 1984 – Alan Trammell (Detroit Tigers) 1983 – Rick Dempsey (Baltimore Orioles) 1982 – Darrell Porter (St. Louis Cardinals) 1981 – Ron Cey, Pedro Guerrero, Steve Yeager (Los Angeles Dodgers) 1980 – Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies) 1979 – Willie Stargell (Pittsburgh Pirates) 1978 – Bucky Dent (New York Yankees) 1977 – Reggie Jackson (New York Yankees) 1976 – Johnny Bench (Cincinnati Reds) 1975 – Pete Rose (Cincinnati Reds) 1974 – Rollie Fingers (Oakland Athletics) 1973 – Reggie Jackson (Oakland Athletics) 1972 – Gene Tenace (Oakland Athletics) 1971 – Roberto Clemente (Pittsburgh Pirates) 1970 – Brooks Robinson

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The minor leagues are all about impermanence. Players come and go every season, especially so in short-season A-ball. The best talents advance, the rest are heartbreakingly abandoned with a this-is-the-toughest-part-of-the-job speech. Likewise, managers make stops in the New York-Penn League, but only that. They’re looking to land positions with affiliates closer to the majors and eventually score something with the big club, but here is Pat Borders in his fourth year in Williamsport and by all accounts around the ballpark, happy with his lot.

Borders had been out of baseball for a few seasons when, at age 52, with kids grown or trending that way, he followed up on a job offer from the Phillies, the Crosscutters’ parent club. “It’s fun to come to the ballpark,” he says during a pause in the procession of coaches and players filing in and out of his cramped office at Bowman Field. “Every day, I’m working with young players, looking for a way to make them better and win games and have more fun. I work at it but if I didn’t like doing it, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t think about what’s next. It’s not on my mind. I like it here. I don’t get too far ahead of thinking about the game tomorrow.”

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Borders slashed .450/.500/.750 in the 1992 World Series to lead the Blue Jays to their first title and win MVP honours.
Think back to those Toronto teams in the early ’90s. In John Olerud and Dave Winfield you had a pair of the rarest players: those who moved directly from college to MLB without ever stepping on a minor-league field. Look elsewhere on the diamond and you had stars who took the steps up to the majors two at a time: Robbie Alomar, rocketing up to the bigs at age 20 after less than three full seasons with Padres affiliates; Kelly Gruber, a first-rounder whose athletic skills were plain to anyone at a glance; Joe Carter, a second-overall pick in his draft year. Go down the line and you had stars who lived up to their billing as top prospects, treasures in the organization. There wasn’t anyone who ranked as an over-achiever. Except Borders.

No player is comfortable with the idea that talent alone carried him to the majors — it’s flattering in a way but damning in another. No player can make a greater claim than Borders to having made the major leagues by dint of hard work and Kevlar-plated resolve. Alone among the fixtures on those World Series teams, Borders feared for his job in the Jays organization. He didn’t lack for talent, but more than any of his teammates, his work ethic dwarfed his God-given abilities. Early on, it looked to him like he might not make it to Double-A. Which is to say that his pro baseball career almost ended at the same level he coaches these days, A-ball.

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